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Why should we hire a Wedding Planner?

Think of a wedding planner as a general contractor... When you decide to build a house/building you hire someone that is certified and is a professional, because you have never built a building before. Same thing applies here, you have never planned a wedding before.. most wedding/event planners have been doing this for a long time. We want to help you plan your wedding so you have the best day possible!


We work with you to establish and manage a budget, make referrals of qualified wedding professionals, provide etiquette advice, attend meetings with wedding pros, tastings, and work to keep the wedding planning on track. In most cases, this will be a full planning service involving a relatively large number of hours spent planning and in meetings. We are here to help you from start to finish, this way you don't have to worry about a thing. If you feel that full planning isn't the right fit I would highly suggest to at least have a wedding coordinator that comes in before your wedding day and finalizes all details then excutes the flow of wedding day. 

How early should we start planning?

You should definitely give yourself 12-14 months to fully plan your wedding. This will help you plan everything all out and still be able to maintain normal schedule in your life. 

If we can give you any advice is that as soon as your partner proposes to you, give yourself at least a few weeks to actually soak in that you are engaged before you start planning.Enjoy the time with your fiancé, friends & family.

When hired is there limited communication?

We make sure that our clients know when booking us our full focus is with them. We obviously have set hours that we are available, but will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Communication is so important in every relationship.. even business. A relationship is what we look for in our clients. We will be with you for over a year handling personal details and we will sometimes be in intimate settings...this is why its important to know you, your partner & your family. By your wedding day, our goal is to be your Wedding Planner Bestie!

Do you travel?

Who doesn't love travel? YES is always our answer! We are based in Charlottesville,VA - but we travel all over Virginia, DC & we even travel to Florida. 

*Travel fees may apply, depending on location*

What is the difference between a Wedding Coordinator and a Venue Coordinator?

I get this question all the time...What's the difference? My venue already comes with a day of coordinator/wedding planner. That is great if they have the staff to provide this service, but make sure you know clearly (and in your contract) what you are receiving from your venue as far as coordination. A venue coordinator is looking out for the venue’s best interests. The venue coordinator deals with everything having to do with their property - if they have catering on site they have to worry about food, setup of tables/chairs, bathrooms, etc. If an emergency happens with he venue they have to take care of that.. then who is going to get you down the aisle or cue the DJ to play your processional song.

Wedding Coordinators come in before your wedding day and finalize all details to make sure that everything you planned comes to play on wedding day. They are there at the start of your wedding day and leave at the very end. They execute a detailed timeline, communicate your vision with all professional vendors, & we get you down the aisle. We are your escape goat, tissue supplier, gown buster, OCD place setting enthusiast, boutonniere pinner, emergency person & most importantly your GO TO person for everything.


"You want a professional who feels like your lifelong best friend on your wedding day. Someone who will take initiative, anticipate your every need and want, and go the extra mile. You want to feel special, beautiful, and that everything is well under control, especially if this is your first wedding! Hailey is that professional. From the moment you meet her, you feel like she’s your best friend, and you are immediately rest assured that she has everything under control, every detail has been premeditated and arranged, and all you have to worry about is making it down the aisle without tripping! She thought of things that I didn’t event think of, and she already had solutions to those little hiccups that arise. She’s the BEST. I couldn’t have been happier, or more grateful, for everything she did for us on our special day. I’m so thankful our paths crossed, I wish I could get the word out to every Bride-to-be, Hailey Beard Events is a must!"

- Jessica & Jarrod Lowe -

I wanted my sister to have a coordinator for many reasons. I've worked many events with and without them, and unfortunately I can tell who does not have one by how flustered the bride was with everything. Its suppose to be a day thats enjoyed by not only the bride and groom but their families. When you dont have a coordinator that work generally falls on the family and even though you dont know it youre missing time with the bride and/or groom! I got Haileys number and gave her a call because I really did just want everyone to get ready peacefully. You would have thought I had known her forever. She was so friendly and ready to help. She had great advice from the beginning! My sister had someone to call to help round up her vendors and help with all the last minute things you really dont think about. Hailey is super organized and she made everyone feel like family the day of! She really does know how to calm the bride down when last minute changes have to be made due to the weather or whatever it may be! The best part was my sister was NOT stressed the day of, minus the normal "im about to get married nerves". We as family and friends were not under pressure from having to decorate or clean up, Hailey kept the day going smooth! My sisters wedding day was amazing!! Make sure you get you a Hailey

- Tori Thompson, HMUA -

"Hailey is the sweetest and most organized planner. My original wedding planner had to drop-out due to some health issues about one month before our wedding and Hailey jumped in and completely stepped up to the plate. I was very nervous to start with a new planner but Hailey was well-prepared for all meetings and has such a warm demeanor that she put me at complete ease. She stayed in constant communication with me leading up to the wedding and seemed to always have every detail covered. On the day of our wedding, my now husband and I felt so relaxed because Hailey was on-time, organized and calming. She made sure we had time to enjoy every aspect of our wedding including enjoying all of our food and taking sneak peeks of the reception to cherish the moments before our guest stepped in. I highly recommend Hailey and I am truly thankful that we got to work with her".

- Sarah & Mike Miller -