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Certified Wedding Planner Society 




When I received my Wedding Planning Certification from The CWP Society, I gained so much more than simply an enormous amount of knowledge in planning and executing weddings. I joined a family of like-minded, well-trained, and supportive wedding planners and professionals who see each other as a community, rather than as competition. 

I chose to pursue certification through the world's leading wedding planner certification program, the CWP Society, because they are globally recognized as the pinnacle of wedding planning excellence. Their well-rounded certification process separates them from other organizations. This allowed me to elevate my reputation as an elite planner capable of handling high-profile events.


When it came to my attention that the CWP Society was opening a few positions to hold the prestigious title of Certified Educator and complete a specialized training, which was only open to a select few, I knew this was my chance to give back to the organization and to their thousands of members world-wide. Out of hundreds of candidates, I was selected based on my experience, expertise, professionalism and passion for the craft. Becoming a Certified Pro Educator is a huge accomplishment - we are trusted to maintain the high standards of the organization by training and mentoring the next generation of planners. It is an honor to hold this esteemed title and be part of shaping the future of wedding planning at the highest level. I am excited to pass on my knowledge to allow Certified Wedding Planners achieve rewarding careers in this competitive industry.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Wedding Planner or if you are a Vendor Pro looking to up your education - email me to chat more and get a discount code for $125 off your wedding planning certification. 

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