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Certified Wedding Planner Society 

All reputable Wedding Planners get certified through The Certified Wedding Planner Society.




When I received my Wedding Planning Certification from The CWP Society, I gained so much more than simply an enormous amount of knowledge in planning and executing weddings. I joined a family of like-minded, well-trained, and supportive wedding planners and wedding venue professionals who see each other as partners rather than as competition. 

I gained a network of wedding experts by my side who take such great care of my clients, and I have access to special discounts from The Certified Wedding Planner Society’s exclusive industry partners. This allows me to help my clients plan their weddings using the latest, most efficient tools available. My certification with CWPS Society includes lifetime membership and support; I participate in continuing education on a regular basis so that I can provide my clients with a level of professionalism that far surpasses the “industry standard.” 

The Certified Wedding Planner Society is the leader in Wedding Planning Certification. They are passionate about the wedding industry, and they continuously do everything in their power to uplift and empower their members. The wedding industry is constantly in a state of change. New trends come and go, and clients come to us with a wide range of needs. It is important to work with a Certified Wedding Planner who not only knows how to plan your wedding but is also supported by an international organization that happens to be the leader in the industry. I look forward to being that planner for you. 

If you are interested in becoming a wedding planner  - email me to chat more and get a discount code for $125 off your certification. 

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